Quality control, monitoring and evaluation

Grahamstown and Sunshine Coast Hospices follow rigorous internal policies and procedures that govern the monitoring and evaluation of our service. Our service is monitored externally by HPCA (Hospice Palliative Care Association of Southern Africa) and COHSASA (the Council of Health Service Accreditation of Southern Africa).

We fulfil the following processes towards the monitoring and evaluating of our service:
  • Annual auditing of financial records by independent auditors
  • Public access to information of financial records and registrations.
  • Quarterly service reports to the Provincial Health Department.
  • Service audits by Department of Social Development.
  • Regular progress reports are submitted to Corporate/Major Donors with detailed budgets and financial statements.
  • Quality Improvement programme
  • External audit by HPCA and COHSASA surveyors.
Regular Monitoring and Evaluation Plan:
  • Monthly executive meetings
  • Monthly management meetings.
  • Weekly multidisciplinary team meetings.
  • Supervision of nursing staff by Clinical Services Manager and Medical specialist.
  • Monthly group and individual emotional support sessions for staff and care-workers by an external social worker.
  • Individual and group supervision for volunteer caregivers.
  • Annual staff performance evaluation.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual collation of Quality Improvement Programme. (QIP)
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